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CTIAI Security engineers intelligence to your Physical Security with Efficiency & Consistency

Our mission

Is to engineer systems

  • Working in real time
  • Innovative and fully integrated
  • Based on open and automated industry standards
  • Constantly evolving to meet business challenges

CTIAI provides on-site and personalized technical support services to its customers, from one to over one thousand location across Canada. CTIAI offers tailored service plans to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. Our service plans are flexible to meet your specific requirements.

CTIAI's specialists and technicians achieved more than 400 unique solutions integrations for demanding customers, including: Financial services, Education, Border protection, port and airborne, all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal), Police and military services, Gaming industry, National security, Etc

CTIAI team cumulates more than 100 years of experience. Our team achieved delicate contracts in Canada and in over 40 countries, including: China, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Italy, Spain ,France, United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE), North Africa.

Who we are

Information Technology (IT)

CTIAI formally makes a commitment to its clients that once an opportunity is identified, you will then benefit from the best possible solution, or yet, from a fully compliant development plan that is adapted to the project, regardless of its nature or location.


CTIAI can offer you a turn-key solution for your complete security requirements. CTIAI can assist you from the beginning in designing the architecture of the security solutions and putting all of it in production. One of the biggest value add of CTIAI is the single point of support you will be offered for everything.

CCTV & Video Management Systems (VMS)

CTIAI is the right partner to provide you with the right expertise. Our knowledge depends on different vendors of VMS, giving us a great knowledge of what is offered by the different vendors. CTIAI do not prefer a vendor, it prefers the right solution based on each customers requirements.


CTIAI is the right partner when it comes to networks, independent video CCTV networks, high speed networks, wireless networks even RFID solutions. CTIAI has managed and deployed many telecommunication projects around Canada, USA and the world, making us a world leader in proposing the right architecture, most of the times involving multiple solutions in hybrid mode.

Analytics & Intelligence

CTIAI provides a wide range of intelligent and analytical solutions based on image analysis like : Face recognition, Licence plate recognition, perimeter detection, motion detection, multi-Zone detection, object tracking, abandon object detection and much more. CTIAI Research & development team can put in place any solutions which you m ay require. The integration of these new features in your business operations can also be assisted by CTIAI.

Maintenance & Support

CTIAI provides 7/24/365 remote monitoring for Alarms or video surveillance. CTIAI can also provide you with different type of control access or biometrics. CTIAI also provides telephone and remote support for USA and Canada. CTIAI Also provides onsite-support and maintenance for all the different systems that it sells. Turnkey maintenance contract can be provide co-term to englobe all of the different support programs. CTIAI can install, integrate, maintain, support and of the systems it proposes.

To get this matter straight is crucial: intelligence & Analytics are both a process and an end-product

IADVR is based on the rigorous selection of the best components in the global marketplace, offering the highest performance in terms of data processing and robustness. Criteria that meet or exceed the requirements of the military, security and information technology industry. IADVR is the benchmark in video information processing in the context of security and video surveillance.

You can connect your analog cameras (BNC connection) and IP cameras (Ethernet connection and wireless) to the appliance, just like on every device designed, developed and built at IADVR. This means that you can keep you already deployed analog cameras and acquire new IP cameras gradually, either to renew your camera infrastructure or to achieve a better coverage of your under surveillance environment.

Intelligence and Analytics

The quality of numeric image capture is increasingly high on IP cameras, enabling a plethora of manipulations, analysis and treatments with applications such as:

  • Face Capture
  • Facial recognition
  • License plates recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Multi-Zone
  • Object tracking and detection
  • People counting
  • POS (sales-Transaction) indexing
  • Real-time marketing

Each application requires computer processing, demanding more or less power, especially if we consider real time as a critical factor. This means that robustness and processing power in security infrastructure is one of the new key to attain your business goals.

ET2K: Intelligent point-of-sale terminal with analytics

From local family run stores to nationwide chains use ET2K and added security tools to help reduce shrinkage and property damage.

ET2K is based:

  • On digital video and recording of transactions from point of sale systems
  • Synchronises and indexes the point of sale transactions and the recorded video
  • Detect fraudulent activity in retail stores as the transactions are underway
  • he ET2K signals, as the fraudulent transaction is occurring, a notification alarm

The advanced user interface allows for searching of the recorded database and for specific transactions, date and time, product description, bar code data, employee code, by dollar value, or by any customized detail that would be included in the transactional information extracted by the system.

Protect existing CCTV investments - You may have already made significant investments in your analog CCTV system. The technology shift to IP network video does not, however, mean that your investment has to be discarded. With a network video solution, you can integrate your existing analog system into an IP-based solution. Our Hybrid CCTV solutions give you the ability to combine the latest high-definition IP cameras with your older, analog equipment.

Video management systems

Technologie compatible avec les appreils mobiles

  • Visualisation en temps réel
  • Visualisation des archives

Services & maintenance

CTIAI formally makes a commitment to its clients that once an opportunity is identified, you will then benefit from the best possible solution

The market in which we operate holds enormous potential. Within it are numerous actors who purport to be able to meet requirements. However, few among them are able to support their claim with certification, as well as with the on the ground execution experience we have acquired. Our know-how and competence have been often proven... worldwide!